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Remember: if you want a custom project with a higher number of respondents than our basic pricing plans allow or if your project requires in-app based feedback instead of your marketing site then email us at with your project details.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get results?

Varies from company to company but usually 2-8 weeks.


Can I speak to the people who gave the feedback?

We keep our reviewers contact information private, but if you'd like to get additional consultation hours from experts that can be requested as well.


What if I want help with designing my website?

We can help design, develop, and optimize websites for maximum growth. Just ask for this to be included.


How are results delivered?

We will schedule a call to walk through findings and share the Improvement Plan and Site Score.


How much does it cost?

We like to do fixed rate packages so everyone knows exactly what they are getting. Once we have the details of the project we'll craft some custom options for you. We've got something that works for just about everyone.


How many people in my audience do you survey?

Everything from a handful to thousands. Depends on the project. We'll make recommendations once we learn more about you!


What if I want feedback on my software, in-app?

We don't just focus on websites. We also optimize apps (both web and mobile) -- especially if focused on onboarding. Just ask!