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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get results?

It varies by project but generally we see scores and plan delivered within 1-2 weeks.


Can I speak to the people who gave the feedback?

We keep our reviewers contact information private, but if you'd like to get additional consultation hours from experts that can be requested as well.


What if I want help with designing my website?

We are open to helping design, develop, and optimize websites for maximum growth.


How are results delivered?

We will email or text you the document that outlines your Improvement Plan and Site Score once the results are in.


How much does it cost?

We've got something for everybody. Our feedback services range from Free (with our teardown only selection), $750 for Lite package, $2,500 for a Standard package, to $7,500 for a Comprehensive package, or we offer negotiated pricing for custom projects. It totally depends on what kind of feedback you want, from how many people, and who. We want our participants paid fairly for their time, but it's a drop in the bucket when compared to what our customers gain from the program.


What if I want a larger pool of respondents?

We also will launch custom projects upon request that can have up to thousands of respondents (assuming your industry can support it). It's also possible to get feedback on additional specific topics or questions. Just reach out to us at and we'll work with you to get it going!


What if I want feedback on my software, in-app?

We also do custom projects upon request that take the target audience directly into your application/software. These projects are often centered around the onboarding experience, testing specific features, and even to live drop into the app and watch their behavior and get their feedback on specific questions you want answered. We help you build a scientific approach from your audience. You can request this service by sending us an inquiry at: